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Precision Expanded Mesh

Niles Expanded Metals created Niles Expanded Technologies (NExT), the engineering and manufacturing facility to provide precision and ISO quality expanded metals and synthetic materials.

NExT Engineering and Technologies are registered to ISO 9001:2008, and our NExT Aerospace division is registered to AS9100. Both ISO certifications ensure that our customers can purchase products with confidence and receive unparalleled customer service and support to meet or exceed expectations.

Airbus   Steel Mesh   Steel Mesh

NExT manufactures precision expanded materials in most ductile metals (Micromesh) and polymers (Polymesh). Micromesh is available in thicknesses from 0.04mm (0.0016 inches) to 3.0mm (0.12 inches) in coil or sheet, with the thicker materials available in widths up to 1500mm (60 inches) and the thinner materials available with up to 310 per square mm (2000 openings per square inch).

Micromesh is available in diamond, round, square and hexagonal patterns and can be modified through specialized manufacturing methods including the increasing or decreasing of open areas without the need to change tooling. In addition, Micromesh can be customized with solid or ribbon sections incorporated in the expanding process to enhance the materialís appearance.        How expanded metal makes airplanes safer to fly Video

AeroMesh Lightning Strike Production Video

AeroMesh Brochure (PDF)

Available in most polymers, NExT Polymesh precision-expanded plastics from NExT are used in filtration applications requiring membrance support, purification and separation. Other uses encompass the following industries: electronics, aerospace, medical, food packaging, automotive and additional mesh and perforated plastics when high precision, mechanical and electrical properties are required.

Batteries    Micromesh from NExT is used in batteries, electronics, aerospace, medical, packaging and anywhere high precision, mechanical and electrical properties or EMI/RFI shielding capabilities are required. Metals we frequently produce include stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, silver, copper, brass, nickel alloys, mild steel and zinc.

If our extensive list of stock patterns doesnít meet your project requirements, our engineering design team will work with you to custom fit a solution to meet the unique characteristics of your particular application.

We offer value added processes that include shearing, blanking, slitting, roll forming, coating, cleaning and annealing. We also offer and develop systems for sub assembly, packaging, stocking or any product or processing issues.


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